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 The purpose of our Association is to assist in promoting the professionalism of Police Service as a whole.  We promote good citizenship and provide assistance and support to the youth of our community.  We assist in matters pertaining to the welfare and advancement of all Association members equally and to the well being of the community in general. 


The RPBA is unique in that it represents and serves both civilian and sworn members of the Rialto Police Department.  Our objects are:


1. To unite into one organization all sworn and non-sworn members of the Rialto Police Department.

2. To do all things necessary to promote and protect the individual member, the common good, and the natural and collective interests of the all members and the Association itself.

3. To promote and assist in the advancement of Law Enforcement as a profession with regard to education, training and the economic and social welfare of its members collectively.

4. To furnish full and equal representation to all of its members regarding issues of wages, hours and terms of conditions of employment, up to and including contract negotiations, financial aid and grievances.  (Collective Bargaining)

5. To assist in funding for exigent circumstances with regard to its members, including but not limited to the death of a member or their immediate family, and sickness or injury of a member. (This includes other Officer Memorials and family support)

6. To further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community by promoting improvements within the City and educating the citizens of Rialto with regard to protection and safety of all.   (This includes sponsoring youth activities, little leagues, sporting events, educational scholarships, etc...)

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